9/15/2011 9:51:00 AM 


Sportsman’s club adds sporting clays course

by Rocky Granzella - Times Correspondent

Buena Vista Sportsman's Club recently added a five stand sporting clays course

to its range south of Buena Vista Fairgrounds.

Jerry Steinauer, shotgun range manager, explained, "In October 2010 we discussed possibilities for creating a sporting clays course on the gun club grounds.

"A National Rife Association grant was available, so we applied. Total value was $19,437.

"There wasn't much time, but I managed to get all the documents and plans put together and got them sent to the NRA.

"We were notified we had been approved for the grant around January. Notification of money wasn't received until March and money was received in July."

Steinauer added, "Six traps were purchased from Linden Traps Sports of Kansas and were delivered to us Aug. 17."

NRA grants are available annually for affiliated gun clubs throughout Colorado. Money for grants is derived from Friends of the NRA who have fund-raisers throughout the year raising thousands of dollars to support shooting sports.

The Chaffee County Chapter of Friends of the NRA has a fund-raising dinner and auction annually to generate some of that money.

Five-stand is similar to sporting clays because a wide variety of targets are thrown. No two five-stands are exactly alike.

There are five stations from which to shoot. There are usually somewhere from six to eight traps to throw targets.

Participants shoot in turn at each of the five stands and various combinations of targets are thrown. Usually there is a menu card at each stand advising the shooter of the sequence of targets.

Five-stand is a way to get a sporting clays-like experience in a small space, with little walking. Five-stand sporting clays are sometimes overlaid on trap or skeet fields.

Buena Vista Sportsmen's Gun Club meets monthly on the first Wednesday at 7 p.m. The club is NRA sanctioned offering trap, five-stand sporting clays, rifle and pistol.

Open shooting on the trap range is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Wednesday during the summer. Saturday hours are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost per round of 25 targets is $3.50 for members or $4 for non-members.

The club has several trap guns for loan to beginners and offers shotgun and rifle instructors.

Rifle and pistol range use is for members and their guests only. Rifle shoots are held every second and third Sundays. Pistol shoots are held every Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. to dusk.

Sporting clays will shoot monthly on first Saturday. An introductory price of $5 per round will be offered to all shooters the first two weekends. The public is invited.

Steinauer said, "Our next big project is to build a skeet shooting field. Plans are tentative, but we are seriously considering going through the grant process again."

Addition of a skeet field would mean the relatively small club would offer a wide variety of shotgun sports.

Membership costs $40 for an individual and $55 for a family. An applying member must also be a member of National Rifle Association. Members will receive a newsletter quarterly reporting functions related to the club and its activities.

More information is at www.buenavistasportsmansclub.org.